Cadogan ready to decide

Sherard Cadogan has been on the cusp of making a decision for a while now, but this time it seems as though it really might happen.
The 6-foot-3, 227-pound tight end is hoping to make his decision public in the next couple of days. Whether that happens or not, he's confident he will be done with the process by at least early January. The long wait for his four finalists -- Pitt, West Virginia, Wisconsin and Michigan State -- looks to be nearly over.
"All four schools came for house visits, so we're done with that," Cadogan said. "The last visit was West Virginia. We're talking it over right now. Hopefully I'll be able to decide before Christmas. If not then, it will be in early January. But hopefully over the next couple of days. We're talking it over again tonight, but if it goes until early January then I'll decide then."

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Anything can happen between now and his decision, and for that matter between now and Signing Day, but Cadogan finally has a decent idea of what he wants to do.
"I have a little inkling -- a feeling," he said. "They're all good schools. What I think about one of them, I also think about the others. I'll think, 'Oh, they also have a great football program.' Also, I'm looking at engineering, and they all have great engineering programs. They're all similar, but I have an inkling."
Cadogan said the best thing about the in-home visits was the chance to see how each coach acted in an informal setting. He said all of the schools recruiting him have coaches that care about their players, and that's something he was looking for.
"I guess the only difference is that two are Big East schools and two are Big Ten schools, but that's not really much of a difference. Both are great conferences and both play great teams. That's not really any different. That's why it's pretty hard."