Butler looks to attend Big Ten games

Detroit (Mich.) Renaissance defensive end Carson Butler has fueled his team's hot start. Winning all six of their games, Butler has been the leader for Renaissance on the defensive side of the ball while catching 400 yards worth of passes on offense.
While recruiters are showing interest, including the Badgers, Butler is still waiting for his first scholarship offer.
"Michigan, Michigan State, Indiana, Purdue, Central Michigan, Eastern Michigan, Wisconsin, Montana, and Notre Dame are recruiting me," Butler said. "I don't have any offers. Most schools are waiting on tapes."
"I like Michigan best probably. I like Notre Dame and Purdue too."
"Notre Dame came to one of my games. Eastern Michigan, Western Michigan, and Central Michigan I know have come to my games too."
"I went to a Michigan game. That was it. Hopefully I can make it to Purdue and Indiana games. I think I'm going to Michigan's game this weekend. Coach Campbell sent me a letter asking me to go."
The 6-foot-6 and 235 pound Butler is the No. 12 prospect in the state of Michigan in the player rankings.