Busy schedule ahead for Townsend

Missouri City (Texas) Ridge Point Rivals250 to Watch linebacker Cameron Townsend saw the recruiting process get off to a fast start with eight offers coming in from across the country.
Baylor, Houston, Michigan, Oklahoma, Oregon State, Texas, Utah, and USC extended early offers and the likes of Oregon, Georgia, Alabama, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Northwestern have been showing significant interest.
Townsend has been proactive in recruiting with trips already to Oregon, Oregon State, Oklahoma, Texas, and Baylor over the summer months. His most recent visits have been to Oklahoma in August and Texas last week. Both trips left a favorable impression on the standout defender.
"What really caught my attention was when I was in the position meetings the linebackers coach, coach Kish, one thing I look for in a coach is someone who does more teaching than yelling and that was what I got out of it from him," Townsend said of his visit to Oklahoma. "Everytime someone made a mistake it wasn't 'Ahh, goddangit! You need to get better! This is why you're not playing!' It was 'Hey man this is why you messed up and this is how you're going to fix it. If you don't fix it you ain't going to play.' I kind of liked that about him. That was the main thing that stood out to me. I wish I could've watched them practice but hopefully I can make it some other time maybe in the spring to watch them practice. That was the thing that stood out to me the most. Coach Kish and how he handled his position meetings."
"Well, I have a good time interacting with the coaches," he said of his visit to Texas. "I'm real close to coach Porter. I got to meet the new DC, coach Robinson. Coach Brown is an excellent guy. I didn't get to interact with the players because they were playing and after the game they were all partying with each other but first off we had good seats. Those seats were 45-50 yard line. But it was good seeing them bounce back from a loss and have a good defensive game. Overall I was excited to go because it was my first time going to a big college game. It was just a good time. I got to interact with the other recruits. The whole process makes it real fun."
Texas may have been his first big game but it will not be his last with a few visits planned in the next couple of weeks.
"We went to see Texas play this past weekend when they played K-state. Friday I'm leaving to go to Oregon," Townsend said. "We're going to go see Oregon State play. And the other day my dad was just kidding around about going to an Oregon game and he checked the schedule and it turns out we would be able to make it. That was like a split second decision and we're going to an Oregon game. So we'll hit up two games in one day. Then the following weekend I'm planning on going to Oklahoma to watch them play TCU. So these next few weeks will be pretty busy."
It is still early in the recruiting process, but Townsend already has a plan.
"I was planning on releasing a top five if not by the end of the season probably midway or toward the end of spring ball," Townsend said. "And I don't want to commit until I've taken all five of my visits so probably midway through the season next season. But I'll definitely be committed before signing day and have a top five before our first game next year."
Are there any early favorites?
"I have eight offers so I like whoever likes me," Townsend said. "With those eight I'm looking at Texas. I had a real good time when I was up there to watch them play K-state. I like the vibe I get from the people at Oregon State. Oklahoma, the linebacker coach there seems real cool. USC with just the whole city and tradition they have. Oregon, their facilities are real nice. Michigan, you see them doing big things. Utah, they could potentially be on the come up. I feel like all eight of my offers have something to bring to the table. But like I said I'm not releasing an official top five for awhile, but I could see myself going to any of these schools honestly."