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Burnett up to three offers

Victor Burnett is another imposing linebacker from Culver City, Calif., that has really started to heat up during the spring evaluation process.
He started out with an early offer from Washington and then added one from Arizona State, but late last week he added another offer from Washington State.
"I was actually a little surprised about the offer," Burnett, who is 6-foot and 225 pounds, said. "They really had not been on my recruiting radar all that much, but I guess they saw my film and decided to offer me. I've talked with coach Steve Broussard. I met him last year, and we hadn't talked that much, but since they've offered we've been e-mailing each other back and forth."
Burnett recently attended the NIKE Training Camp in Los Angeles, and he also took an unofficial visit to San Diego State. The trip to SDSU was one that he really liked.
"I went and was able to watch one of their practices," he said. "I've seen that they have a new coaching staff, and I saw that they have a lot of up and coming players that people need to watch out for. Even though their record wasn't very good last year, they have a new coaching staff and seem to be headed in the right direction."
"While I was there I went on a campus tour and got to see everything that they have to offer. I talked to coach Tony White, and their defensive coordinator, and head coach (Brady Hoke). Coach White was really enthusiastic about me coming to San Diego State. It seemed like they all had really good aggression, and I liked that."
That aggression as coaches is just one thing he's looking for in the perfect school. Burnett has already outlined a few things that will be important for him when it comes time to make a decision.
"I want to find another place that I can call my second home," he said. "A good student body and college environment."
At this point, Burnett said nobody is really sticking out on his list.
"I don't really have any top teams," he said. "I just want to wait it out and see what happens. We are starting spring practice (May 12) in a couple of weeks, and it seems like that is a time when most coaches can come out and watch. So, truthfully, I don't have a top three.
"The schools that have shown interest in me early are important to me, though. Because they have been with me for awhile and that is important that they showed interest early. Right now, I'm thinking I will wait until after my senior season, but if something were to come up and I felt it was the right decision, I would think about making a commit before the season. But most likely I'll wait and let things play out.
Burnett said he does hope to hear from Cal and Florida State here in the spring. He's talked with Cal in the past, but definitely wants to hear more from the Bears.