Burke offer worthy

For one reason or another, there are always a handful of guys that go under the radar and don't earn a lot of college attention, despite being big-time players. One of those guys that has flow under the radar out West is Payson, Ariz., three-star defensive end Bryan Burke.
Burke's film is impressive enough for him to play in a BCS level school and he's impressed this summer at camps, including recently at Oregon State. But for one reason or another he's not picked up his first offer yet.
"It'll come, I know it will," Burke said. "I am talking to Oregon State, Colorado, Georgia Tech and ASU a lot. In the meantime, I have been lifting with my team every day and going to football camps. So basically, I've been running and lifting every day. We lift in the mornings and I usually lift in the afternoon, too."
Burke did say, however, if one school decided to jump on board early with an offer it would mean a lot to him and could help him make a quick decision.
"I liked Oregon State, and I would definitely like to go there, but it's pretty much any school," he said. "I am not real picky about it. I am looking to get into a big school that would give me a good education, with a good football program."
Arizona state and Oregon State would be his top two schools at this point, but he's also looking hard at other schools, too.
"Right behind them probably would be Colorado, Georgia Tech and UNLV," he said. "I have been to Colorado and UNLV. I thought Colorado's camp was real nice. We had about 12 kids from my school go there. I learned a lot. Their coaches are really good coaches. UNLV's camp was pretty good. They have a good coaching staff there. I don't know about the heat up there, though."
Burke plans to lay low the rest of the summer now.
"I am just going to rest the rest of the summer and just keep lifting," he said. "When I was at camp I couldn't really lift."