Burgess takes it all in

The recruiting process is already off to a strong start for Greenwood, Ark., quarterback Jabe Burgess. Between college visits, college offers, and future trips the 6-3, 200-pound signal caller has been and will be a very busy young man.
"The latest is I've been talking to Arkansas. I've gone up and spoken to the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach, coach Chaney, and I'm building a relationship with him right now," Burgess said. "I have two offers right now - Tulsa and Illinois. I'm staying in contact with them. Also different SEC schools, I'm going to visit Auburn Friday and maybe try to make my way to Ole Miss sometime soon, and also Oklahoma State has been contacting me and I'm going to try and catch and Oklahoma State practice sometime in the future."
In addition to his recent trip to Arkansas, Burgess has also visited Tulsa, and both visits left a positive impression.

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"I had a chance to visit Tulsa during the bowl week and just the way the coaches communicated with their players I thought was really awesome," Burgess said. "They're really nice guys and down to earth and someone I can really relate to.
"Arkansas, I like the way they get at it. I checked out the first practice and the coaches are just all business and I like that. I especially like the offense at Arkansas. I think it's pretty easy to understand and they try make it easy for the players. I was excited about that too."
While he does have visits planned to a few BCS schools in the near future, he is also looking forward to seeing what lies ahead in the spring and summer months.
"I'm going to try and build relationships with coaches and try to catch a lot of university camps. I'm getting a lot of invitations in the mail," Burgess said. "Coaches are wanting to see me in person. I've had 10 to 12 coaches tell me they were going to come watch spring practice at my high school. I'm excited about that and trying to catch as many summer camps as I can to show the coaches what I have."
When it comes to a decision, Burgess does not have a timetable on anything at this point, but he does know a little about what he is looking for in a future program.
"Not exactly, just a pro-style offense that can prepare me for the next level and I talk to my cousin, Tyler Wilson, a lot, and he played at Arkansas," Burgess said. "He's been a lot of places and played a lot of teams and knows a lot of offenses, so he's really helped me in that part of my recruitment and trying to find the right fit for me offensive philosophy-wise."
This past Sunday, Burgess was one of a select few who was able to participate in the Rivals Camp Series stop in Dallas, Texas.
"It was awesome," Burgess said. "There were great athletes I got to meet. I made a lot of new friends. It was just a great experience. The coaches were awesome especially the quarterback coach. I just had a great time."
The experience went well, and one aspect of the camp stood above all others.
"Probably just the intensity from the get go," Burgess said. "The coach came out and he get us all fired up and we were ready to go. I've been to a couple of camps before and the intensity from the coaches I'd never seen that before. That was definitely something that stood out from the beginning of the camp. I loved it. It was awesome."