Burge adds a pair of new offers

Houston Stratford defensive tackle Jimmy Burge seems to be adding scholarship offers by the week.
The 6-foot-2, 275-pound prospect picked up two more offers from Boise State and Stanford to add to the list. Previous ones had come from Missouri and Fresno State. Burge also continues to hear from Texas A&M and Oklahoma State with some visits on his mind.
"It's kind of hard to say right now about favorites," Burge said. "I really like Missouri and that's because I got to go visit there. I haven't had a chance to go visit a lot of places.

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"I've heard Stanford is a beautiful school. I do like Missouri and Texas A&M, but it's tough to name just one favorite right now."
Burge says that Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh has stopped by the school. He says he didn't receive a lot of mail from Boise State before that offer showed up.
Being from Missouri, he's familiar with the state. However, he got a chance to take an unofficial visit there a few weeks ago.
"It was beautiful up there," Burge said about his Missouri trip. "They have brand new facilities. I was born there, my grandparents live there, so I'm familiar with the place too."
The next trip for Burge looks to be to another Big 12 school.
"I think I'm going to go visit Oklahoma State at some point and during the summer, I'll be going to a lot of camps," he said. "Hopefully I can take a trip out to see some of the west coast schools at some point too."