Bunn rock solid with UNC

D.J. Bunn has a great attitude. He may not be happy with where he's at but at the same time he knows better days are head as long as he does the right things. Bunn is now a defensive back at Hargrave Military Academy rather than North Carolina in Chapel Hill. Sure he's disappointed that he didn't qualify for UNC but the goal's still the same.
"Man, it's been a good experience here at Hargrave," Bunn said. "School hasn't started yet but out here with the football players we are already connecting and it's been only a week.
"The goal is to get better but first to get qualified and get to Carolina in January. But playing here with these guys will prepare me for next fall."

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Bunn, now 5-11 and 200 pounds, is from Smithfield, North Carolina. He believes that he could play safety for the Tar Heels even though he'll play cornerback for Hargrave.
"I talk with UNC a lot. They want me to get stronger and playing cornerback here will help me with my hips and coverages so when I play safety for North Carolina it will help me."
North Carolina was the lone big offer for Bunn last season. So is it safe to say that there's no doubt he's headed to Chapel Hill?
"I am rock solid with North Carolina. They took the chance to send me here. I feel like there is no body else."