Bucks, Ducks and Dawgs to battle for Rivals250 RB

With options aplenty for Rivals250 running back Taj Griffin, the Powder Springs (Ga.) McEachern prospect is taking his time, while fielding quite a bit of interest.
"It's a lot of schools that are hitting me up on Twitter right now," Griffin said. "Oregon, Georgia and Alabama talk to me a lot. USC, they send me a lot of letters and speak to me a lot and Ohio State does the same. Those are some of the top schools that are talking to me."
Griffin shared his thoughts on the three schools that are standing out at the moment.
Ohio State: "I think I'd fit in really well because they would use me in space, like they said. I feel like I could do good things in that offense."
Oregon: "It's pretty far but I think it would be worth the trip over there. I feel like I fit in their offense really well and I feel like I could do great things in their offense and that's why they're high on my list."
Georgia: "I think I would fit in their offense really well. They said they would use me in space, work with me and try to get me to the edge. I think they can do great things in the offense, too.
While most assume Griffin wants to play in a spread offense at the next level he said a more traditional or pro-style scheme isn't out of the question.
"I think it's a positive because it gets your ready for the NFL," Griffin said of a pro-style look. "If I'm trying to get to that level I feel like it's a great opportunity to get there. I feel like the offense is really good."
If he does go to a school with a more traditional offense, there's the possibility he could play wide receiver and not running back. Griffin said he just wants to be on the field.
"I'm open to wherever they need me to play and where I feel like I can play best," he said. "Right now that position is running back so I'm going to try and do that. But if I feel like I can do another position better I'll try and do that."
And when it comes to traveling far from home to play at the next level? Griffin said won't have an impact on him or his family's line of thinking.
"I'm perfectly fine with it and my parents are, too. Wherever is best for me we feel like I should go. That's how we feel about that."