Buckner brings more than size

ALLEN, Texas - If you ask people why it's hard to defend the 6-foot-5, 200-pound junior receiver Dan Buckner they'll probably say size. His coaches and the young recruit say it's a lot more than that.
Buckner's size can be deceptive, especially when opposing players try to lock on to him as just a possession receiver. But the talented junior will tell you that he can blow by you with speed and his coaches say his route running is quite special. That's why three scholarship offers are already on the table with several more right around the corner.
"I bring a lot more to the table," Buckner said. "I'm not just a big guy that's slow. If someone wants to play me as just a big body out there and walk up on me, I can run right by them. If they back off, then I can get physical underneath."

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Notre Dame was his first scholarship offer followed by Rice. Now, Baylor has made themselves known in the mix with a written offer. Buckner and his coaches say that things are pretty wide open.
The Irish camp experience last summer and the fact they jumped onto the scene first though have this Texan very interested in what's there for him in South Bend.
"I went up there and when you become familiar with a school and a coaching staff, you like them quite a bit," Buckner said. "I know those coaches the best. They were my first offer, so yeah; you could say I'm real interested in them."
Several other schools like Nebraska, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Oklahoma State, and Texas have either sent loads of mail or have spoken with the Allen 2008 prospect recently.
Allen's offensive coordinator Jeff Fleener says that he expects Buckner to have his fair share of top offers by next spring and summer.
"He's excited about his options because you know when Notre Dame makes an offer, everybody else is about to start," Fleener said. "It was a great thing for him to have that offer so quick too because he's got his mind straight and he knew that it was happening now. He pushes himself so much harder now in practice and in games because of it."
"People have to realize that he's just a junior and a young junior at that."
Buckner, despite all the talk and recruiting interest, is focused on his team and what they can accomplish in the playoffs this year.
"Right now it's about a state championship," Buckner said. "I'm going to look at recruiting more when this season is done and in the books."
Buckner has caught 17 passes for 213 yards and three touchdowns on the year. The 3-1 Allen team will face off against undefeated Richardson Berkner this Friday.