Buck cant wait for the spring

Javorius Allen can't wait for spring football. Nicknamed "Buck" as a freshman, Allen will be one of the top recruits from the Sunshine State in 2011. In his first game for Tallahassee Lincoln this fall Allen broke his leg and he has missed the entire year.
"Yeah, I got hurt that first game," Allen said. "I caught TD pass and get hit on the way down. I broke my femur so I am out the entire season. I am starting to recover pretty well.
"It's been a tough year but I understand that things happen. Right now I am just trying to encourage my teammates. I am just trying and to be a leader as best I can.

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"The doctors say I am recovering fast. It was a clean break. By March I should be fine. I want to be ready to run track."
Allen, 6-2 and 207, run the 4x100 and 200 meters. He's also a long and high jumper.
So far this football season, Allen has been to games at Florida State and Alabama. He's hoping to see a few other schools in the next few weeks.
"I went to the LSU/Alabama game. "To me it was a great atmosphere at Alabama. That's the loudest place I have ever been too. Alabama is a fast paced and powerful offense. It's the SEC. I like hard hitting football, so I like the SEC.
"I have been in Tallahassee all my life. I just want to see them get back on track. For whatever reason they are just not clicking. I know some of the guys there and I know it's a good program just trying to find their way again."
Allen says he will try and go to the USF game this weekend versus Louisville. Then he's off to Auburn (vs Alabama) or Florida (vs. FSU).
"I am not sure if I will get to USF. B.J. (Daniels) was out quarterback my freshman season. This spring and summer I want to try and get to South Carolina, Clemson, Tennessee, and Georgia. I also want to see USC. T.J. (Bryant) is there. He's like a brother to me.
"Right now I am just open. Everyone says that I should just pick a school where I feel comfortable. I think there are a lot of teams just waiting to see how I recover. But I know that teams like FSU, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, and USF have offered me. I just want to get healthy at this point. I really can't wait until spring football. I am really looking forward to it."
Lincoln finished the season 7-3. They host Jacksonville Ed White High School this Friday in the first round of the playoffs.