Buchanan keeps picking up offers

Junior offensive tackle Mark Buchanan of Austin, Texas has been watching his interest rise for months now as the scholarship offers keep flowing in.
The 6-foot-5, 265-pounder received an early verbal offer from Oklahoma State, but now has three more to add to the list.
"I've got an offer now from Duke and I spoke with a coach at Virginia who told me that one is on the way from them," Buchanan said. "I should be getting that in the mail in the next week. Now I've also got one from Baylor too and Oklahoma State hasn't sent theirs yet, but they say its coming."
Buchanan says that of the schools that have offered, Virginia currently leads the way.
"I've always been interested in Virginia," Buchanan said. "It's a good school, so that's very exciting to get an offer from them. Of the offers, they're at the top. I'm also interested in hearing from big schools like LSU and Texas too."
Junior days are the next thing on the schedule for Buchanan.
"I'm going to Texas A&M next week and I'm either going to Texas Tech or Oklahoma State's junior day after that," he said. "I'll probably go to LSU at some point. Oklahoma invited me to theirs, but it's the same weekend as Texas A&M's, so I'm probably going to go to A&M for theirs since I committed to that."