Bruins pursuing second Mullen athlete

Denver (Colo.) Mullen offensive lineman Jesse White made his decision last month to give a verbal commitment to UCLA, but that hasn't stopped schools from continuing to write.
"I still get quite a bit of mail from schools all over the country," the 6-foot-3, 290-pound White said. "My commitment to UCLA hasn 't slowed them down at all."
The list of schools filling the mail box at the White house include Nebraska, Washington, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Michigan, Colorado, Colorado State, Kansas and Arizona State.
"I look at the stuff they send," he said. "But, I have no second thoughts. I am completely solid on my choice of going to UCLA. I'm excited about the program there and the coaches that have recruited me there."
White also could have the chance to turn into a little bit of a recruiter of his own now that his college destination is known.
"Maurice (Greer) and I have talked about going to school together," White said. "It is something that would be great. If it works out, it works out. I've told him I'll save him a spot at UCLA while he makes up his mind. The coaches are very interested in him coming there too. He knows I'm here to talk to him if he ever wants to talk aobut UCLA or the recruiting stuff."
White enjoyed blocking for Greer during his high school career.
"Maurice just won't quit. He has great instincts. His speed is there, it is just overlooked by a lot of people. there is no doubting his speed or his quickness. He also has the ability to go left and right to make people miss if he has to. Wherever he ends up, those coaches are going to get a really good player."