Brown to announce on Sunday

Pomona (Calif.) Diamond Ranch athlete Charles Brown took a one day official visit to UCLA this past weekend and said he'll make his final decision between the Bruins and USC, the school he gave a commitment to few months back, on Sunday.
Brown, 6-6, 250 pounds is a very talented athlete who we feel has incredible upside in college. Brown wants to play tight end in college and said both L.A schools are recruiting him as a tight end.
The athlete committed to USC during the season but said he wanted to take a few more trips and keep his options open. UCLA jumped in to the picture after offering and Brown said despite being a soft commitment to USC, the two schools were even. He visited UCLA officially (Dec. 17) but cut the visit short when his mother had a brain aneurism.
"She's doing a lot better," Brown said. "I would say she's about 85% recovered which is a lot better than she was just a few weeks ago."
Brown spent the day this past Saturday back at UCLA after the school was able to get a special waiver to get him back on campus.
"Since I was only on my first trip for a few hours, UCLA talked to the Pac 10 and the NCAA and I got a waiver and was allowed back for one day," Brown added. "I was there all day Saturday and then came home on Sunday. I had a really good time, UCLA has a great campus and I'm close with a lot of their players and coaches.
"It's going to be a tough decision for me and I'm going to be leaving tomorrow for San Diego to just get away from everything and think about what I should do. On Sunday, I'll make my decision between those two schools. Right now, honestly, I'm probably 50-50 between the two, it's too close to call, that's why I just need to get away from everything and think this out.
"USC is winning, that's huge. If I went there, I know I would probably win a national title. With UCLA, I think they're on the rise and I really like Coach Embree, their tight end coach. Both schools are recruiting me as a tight end and that's where I want to play. Like I said, It's going to be a tough call but I'll make my decision on Sunday."