Brown talks about his visit to USC

Pomona (Calif.) Diamond Ranch athlete Charles Brown took his first official visit to USC this past weekend and has two more visits on his agenda before he’ll make his decision final.
Brown, 6-5, 250 pounds gave a soft commitment to the Trojans, as we’ve stated several times, but said he still wants to keep his options open before ending the recruiting process.
“The trip was cool, I had a good time with all the players and coaches,” Brown said. “I went out with the guys on Friday and then Saturday was probably the highlite for me. We did the campus tour and saw the facilities and I also talked a lot with the coaches. They're giving me a shot at tight end and tha's all I'm asking for. Later on in the afternoon, we had dinner at the Papadakis Taverna.

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“That place is a lot fun with all the belly dancers and people breaking plates. A lot of guys stood up and committed in front of everyone there but I didn’t do that. I’m not ready yet and still have to talk things over with my family. After that, we headed over to the Coliseum and they had our names on the scoreboard and we got to run out of the tunnel.
“We also watched the Heisman Trophy ceremony with all the players and everyone went crazy when (Matt) Leinart won it. It was definitely a fun trip but I still have a lot of thinking to do and plan on taking a few more of my trips before I’m ready to end this. I’m going to UCLA this weekend (Dec. 17) and then I’ll be going to Oregon (Jan. 7). Those are my main three schools and I’ll make a decision following that last visit.”