Brown talks about his trip to USC

Lakewood (Calif.) linebacker Luthur Brown took his third official visit this past weekend to USC and said he has one more left before it's decision time.
Brown, 6-2, 230 pounds is one of the nation's premier linebackers and has already taken visits to Oklahoma and Arizona.
"This trip was a lot of fun," Brown said. "I was probably the most intoned with the players here at SC because I've been there so many times and I already know so many of them. I was just really comfortable with everything. From the players to the coaches to the general surroundings there, everything just felt like home.

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"All the players and recruits went out and had a really good time all weekend. I think we're all pretty much running on fumes right now. Friday they had a parade for the players and that was cool. It got to be a little long but it was still fun. A few people even recognized me from the internet I guess and were asking for autographs and stuff. That was cool.
"I spent some time with the coaches to see how I would fit in with the defense. They said they like me as a middle backer or weakside 'backer, I could play either spot for them. They have some good players coming in at my position but that doesn't bother me. No matter where you go, there is going to be competition so I'm not worried about that.
"Right now, I really can't name a leader. I have yet to do that and I won't be able to until I take my final visit to Miami next weekend. I'm still just trying to take everything in and I don't really have a time table for my decision. I'm just going to go with a gut feel and when I feel it in my heart, that's when I'll go ahead and commit."