Brown make statement with Navy

It looked early on like New Mexico would be the destination for Klein (Texas) Collins offensive guard David Brown, but word got out that it was nothing but rumors. The beat went on, but the two-star prospect recently made his decision just days ago on where he would be heading.
Brown says that it just felt right and so the 6-foot-3, 275-pound prospect wanted to make a decision based not just on football, but on more important factors as well.
"Yep, we made our decision and I'm going to head to the Naval Academy," Brown said. "You know, we're involved in a war right now and I thought I needed to serve. It's an unbelievable campus, and an unbelievable place. I don't think there is anywhere better."
Brown had been holding offers from Navy and New Mexico, while receiving interest from several schools such as Iowa, Northwestern, and Texas A&M.
In all honesty, Brown says that he's glad this ride is over.
"It's great, we don't have to lose and miss a bunch of wrestling tournaments or get up early in the morning to go on official visits," Brown said. "Plus, I don't have to get calls all night."
"It's awesome. I'm just glad it's over. It was nice while it lasted, but it's good to be done."
Other than football, the Texas offensive guard will pursue the Marine Corps as well as a focus on engineering.