Brown is playing the silent game

Klein (Texas) Collins offensive guard David Brown wants to keep things under wraps ever since a rumor floating around said that he was committed to New Mexico came out some time ago.
The 6-foot-3, 275-pound guard acknowledges three offers from Air Force, New Mexico, and Navy. Brown says that there are others, but he's keeping everything quiet right now.
"New Mexico is not a schools we're dealing with anymore," Brown said. "Honestly, we've got some other offers but we'd rather keep it quiet. Last time, it was a big hassle on the rumor."
Brown also says he has a couple of visits set up, but will not talk about that either.
"We've got a couple of trips set up, but we're keeping that quiet too," he said. "We don't want to scare any school off."
As for his final decision, he says that it will come before Signing Day on Feb. 1.
"It will definitely be before then," he said. "Some new school might show up all of a sudden and I might go there."