Brown Down To Three

Fresh off a visit to Virginia to see the Cavaliers defeat nationally ranked South Carolina, Duane Brown has shortened the list of schools he’s considering to three.
“I visited Virginia over the weekend and had a pretty good time,” said the 6-foot-5, 250-pound tight end. “We ate dinner and talked with the coaches for a while before we went to the game. After the game I talked with the coaches again and met some of the players. They were pretty cool guys and the atmosphere at the game was nice.”
So how did the visit to Charlottesville affect the tight end’s mindset?
“I’m not sure the visit did anything to really change my mind or sway me one way or another,” Brown said. “I can say that I’m just about sure that my final top three is Virginia Tech, Virginia and Tennessee. Virginia Tech’s coaches are a big plus for them. I like Virginia’s location and the fact that they use their tight end really well. Tennessee is just a great program and has an incredible reputation.”
Brown’s Richmond (Va.) Hermitage team has played one non-conference game thus far and they won easily 42-7. Brown caught three passes for 62 yards and on defense he made seven tackles and forced a fumble. While defense comes naturally to Brown, most schools want him as a tight end.
“Last year I only caught like 10 passes and it got frustrating at times. But I made three in the first game for like 20 yards per catch, so you can tell the change has already started. I’ve improved my 40-yard dash time to a little bit under 4.8 seconds so I’m better with the ball in my hands.”
Brown’s offer list hasn’t changed much, so his big offers are from Virginia Tech, Virginia and Maryland. While the Terrapins still send Brown information it appears as though they’ve dropped off the radar a bit with Brown focusing more on in-state schools and Tennessee.
“I still get stuff from schools like Maryland, UNC and Clemson and it’s not like I can say they aren’t being considered at all. But I’m hearing the most from my top three, especially Virginia. UVA, Tech, and Tennessee are all about even.”