Brown among standouts at Houston NUC

HOUSTON - The 2008 National Underclassmen Combine made its first stop in the Lone Star State, with two recent sessions at Jones Cowart Stadium in Houston. Shining bright during the morning session was Overall MVP sophomore RB Xavier Brown of Dawson High School, who definitely put his name on the recruiting landscape.
Brown (5 feet 11, 190 pounds) showed amazing all-around athleticism throughout the drills and one-on-ones. Possessing impressive footwork, speed and hands, he dominated any and every player that challenged him. During the combine events, he also had a 28-inch vertical, 9'2" broad, 4.59 40, 4.62 shuttle, and 13 reps on 155 pounds.
Joining Brown as a Dawson High School MVP winner was sophomore DL Aaron Davis, who actually took home two awards. Davis (5 feet 11, 250 pounds) won both the DL MVP and the Strongest Man Award, after showing a fantastic combination of explosion and power. His power was further proven during the combine events when he finished with 29 reps on 185 pounds. He also had a 24.5-inch vertical, 5.01 40, and 5.01 shuttle.

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Winning the RB MVP was sophomore Patrick Johnson of Klein High School. Johnson (5 feet 3 ½, 159 pounds) showed amazing quickness and footwork during one-on-ones. During the combine events he had a 29.5-inch vertical, 8'7" broad, 4.81 40, 4.49 shuttle, and 19 reps on 155 pounds. Also winning an award for Klein was sophomore LB Demetrich Gilliam, who took home the Fastest Man Award with a 4.48 40. Aside from proving he was the fastest athlete during the morning session, Gilliam (5 feet 9 ½, 202 pounds) also had a 28-inch vertical, 4.59 shuttle, and 27 reps on 155 pounds.
Coming from St. Pius X High School, the QB MVP went to sophomore Jamie Peebles. Peebles (5 feet 11, 179 pounds) showed great passing skills and a smooth delivery throughout the morning. He also had a 5.27 40 and 4.73 shuttle. The WR MVP went to sophomore Brandon Speth (5 feet 8 ½, 168 pounds) of Clear Creek High School, who dazzled most of the defensive backs in attendance with his athleticism, speed, and route running ability. During the combine events he had a 28.5-inch vertical, 8'8" broad, 4.52 40, 4.37 shuttle, and 15 reps on 155 pounds.
The race for LB MVP was a two-horse race, with sophomore Kenneth Dickie of Westfield High School finally pulling away at the end. Dickie (5 feet 9, 210 pounds) showed great athleticism and explosion for a linebacker, and had a 31.5-inch vertical, 9'0 ½" broad, 4.70 40, and 24 reps on 155 pounds. Pushing Dickie till the end was sophomore Collin Russell of Klein Oak High School. Russell (6 feet 0 ½, 191 pounds) showed the skills of a prototypical middle linebacker. He further showed those skills during the combine events with a 29-inch vertical, 8'6" broad, 4.90 40, 4.39 shuttle, and 31 reps on 155 pounds.
Winning both the Leadership Award and the Freshman MVP was QB Trey Anderson of Pearland High School. Anderson (5 feet 8, 150 pounds) showed excellent athleticism and a very good ball delivery, while also surprising many in attendance with is leadership skills. He also had a 25.5-inch vertical, 4.98 40, and 4.79 shuttle.
Sophomore Kent Brooks of Atascocita High School took home the DB MVP, after showing the skills of a lockdown corner during one-on-ones. Brooks (5 feet 9 ½, 199 pounds) also had a 24.5-inch vertical, 8'7" broad, 4.80 shuttle, 4.73 40, and 19 reps on 155 pounds.
The final award of the morning went to RB Shawn Onyechi, who was named the Sophomore Combine King. Onyechi (5 feet 10, 178 pounds) of Deer Park High School, was very good during one-on-ones, while showing nice footwork and excellent quickness. Onyechi truly shined during the combine events, however, with a 35-inch vertical, 9'11 ½" broad, 4.52 40, 4.45 shuttle, and 25 reps on 155 pounds.