Broughton has a 2013 lineman to watch

Raleigh (N.C.) Broughton had two prospects for 2012, but according to head coach Chris Martin the school has at least one more for next season. Find out more inside.
"We have a 2013 defensive tackle, nose guard Wolfgang Zacherl," Martin said. "He played some tackle and guard for us on offense.
"He's the kind of player you can use on both sides. He gets off the ball quick; he's powerful and loves the game. He's a good kid too. He's about 6-foot-4, 260-pounds and not slow."
Martin believes Zacherl could play either side of the ball.
"He could, and he may not be done growing yet, he may have a few more inches in him as he's not shaving yet. He is just a powerful kid."
Though he didn't name specifics, Martin noted that colleges are very aware of Zacherl.
In addition, the school features a 6-foot-5, 200-pound wide receiver too.
"Chris Brickhouse is working through an injury right now," he said. "He was in basketball and hurt his knee. Colleges know a bit about him too."
Meanwhile, the school has another wide receiver for 2014.
"Jared Blasovitch is a 6-foot-3 sophomore receiver to watch. We have a lot of young players that are starting to get it."