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Briscoe takes last minute visit

Just committing to Kansas less than two weeks ago, Cedar Hill, Texas receiver Dezmon Briscoe was at the center of rumors this weekend.
Briscoe and his teammate, four-star William Cole, were rumored to have been on campus at TCU this past weekend for an official visit. When reached on Saturday night, Cedar Hill coach Joey McGuire, says he had not heard that either of his players were there. Briscoe said Sunday that the rumors are far from true.
"I didn't go to TCU, but they wanted me to," Briscoe said. "The TCU coaches came down, I think it was on Wendesday at the school. They wanted me to check out the campus, the facilities, and see if I thought about giving them a shot.
"But, I didn't want to. Kansas is where I want to be it."
Briscoe says that numerous things helped make his decision for the Jayhawks in late January and have kept that commitment solid to this day.
"I just have a good relationship with the coaches and there is a really good chance for me to play early there," Briscoe said about Kansas."
Briscoe, who has a close relationship with his highly recruited teammate Cole, was asked if William took the trip to TCU. That apparently was also untrue.
"No, he didn't go," Briscoe said about Cole. "He's announcing his decision tonight. No one knows where he's going yet though. If he was gonig to tell somebody where he was going to go, he'd tell me because w'ere pretty close. But, he won't say anything."
So has Briscoe been recruiting Cole to Kansas?
"I've been doing it all week," Briscoe said. "We'll see what happens today."