Bright is drawn to Stanford

VENTURA, Calif. -- The prevailing thought is that a scholarship offer from Stanford changed Dave Bright's recruitment. The prevailing thought is that the Cardinal now firmly lead. The prevailing thought is that it's only a matter of time before the three-star tackle officially decides to play his college football in Palo Alto.
Problem is, Bright doesn't much care about the prevailing thought. He's not confirming anything. Ask him if it's fair to say that he's close to committing to the Cardinal, and he sends mixed messages.
At first, he seems to agree. Then comes the furious backpedaling.
"It's pretty fair to say that," he said. "But to be honest, I'm still looking at all my options."
Bright won't say Stanford is the favorite in as many words. He'd rather discuss his entire visit itinerary, which includes trips to Wisconsin, Oregon State, Arizona State and Utah in addition to Palo Alto.
But the very real, very strong draw of the Cardinal is apparent no matter how much he tries to downplay it.
"It's pretty exciting, obviously," Bright said of his Stanford offer. "It's a great opportunity and a great coaching staff. Obviously a great education, too. We're just going to have to see how it plays out. Every school that I take an official to is a possibility."
Regardless of how high he is on the idea of attending Stanford, Bright will expend all five of his allotted official visits. A date has been set for just one of them, however, and it doesn't take many guesses to figure out which one it is.
"The only date I have right now is the Stanford one," Bright said. "That's Jan. 11. Other than that, I'm still trying to decide."
Whether or not his line is genuine, Bright continues his fight to retain a bit a mystery in his recruitment. He could very well be totally undecided. He could also be making a final attempt to hide his cards.
For now, the best anyone can do is guess. And that's exactly the way Bright likes it.
"Don't count anyone out yet," he said.