Bright fills visit schedule

Bryn Mawr (Pa.) Harriton defensive tackle Callahan Bright, ranked as the No. 5 player in the country, has set up his remaining four official visits. Who made the final cut?
"I'm going to Southern Cal on Nov. 26, Florida State on Dec. 3, Texas A&M on Dec. 10 and West Virginia on Jan. 21," said the 6-foot-2, 315-pounder. "I've already been to Purdue, so those are my five."
However, Bright will need to re-schedule his West Virginia trip if he wants to commit on the date originally planned.
"I forgot the U.S. Army game is on Jan. 15, so I need to move West Virginia to either the last visit weekend of December or the first weekend of January. I am announcing at halftime of the game and forgot all about the date for it."
Bright originally wanted to play somewhere south when it comes to college, but has since waivered on that.
"I just wanted to get far away from home, but with these five, even if I stay close at Purdue or West Virginia, they're still far enough away," he said. "Distance is not a factor at all, I'll go wherever."
So how did he come down to his final five?
"It's something different about each place," he said. "My brother (Eugene) plays at Purdue and, not to take anything away from their current defensive tackles, but they need help there and I could probably play right away. At West Virginia, I have a friend there, Tyree Suber, who I used to play with. He's a freshman defensive tackle there.
"The other three came down to watching games on TV and seeing how I'd fit into their defense," he said. "I want to play in a 4-3 defense, I would watch guys on TV and see if I could do the same things, make the same plays and how they used their defensive tackles. It just came down to how I fit and all."
Bright, whose team is 0-9 this season, doesn't have a leader. However, if all things stay equal, Purdue could hold the edge.
"It would be so much fun to play with Eugene and be the Bright brothers of the Big Ten," he said. "That's a factor for sure, but it's not the deciding one. I guess if I like all five schools the same, that will be a key, but I don't think that will happen. After I take all five, I think I'll have one that stood out above the rest."
Bright recently became the biggest tailback in high school football.
"I was playing fullback, but now I'm going to play tailback this week," he said. "I gained around 60 yards last weekend but I want 100 this week."