Bridgewater will let it all play out

Teddy Bridgewater is one of the Sunshine State stars in the Class of 2011. Bridgewater, a quarterback prospect from powerhouse Miami Northwestern High School, is also regarded as one of the nation's very best players among his peers. He's ready and hopeful for a big senior season for he and his Bulls teammates.
"The off-season is going well," Bridgewater said. "This year the guys are more focused. They want it more. We have had a good spring. Last season guys just worried about themselves and getting to college. I am trying to be our lead and I lead vocally and by example."
Bridgewater, 6-3.5 and 192 pounds, is a stellar athlete. He's so good many feel he could even be a better future receiver than a future quarterback. How does Bridgewater envision his future?

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"I see myself as a quarterback and that's where my mind set is right now. Many people compare me to Dennis Dixon and Vince Young. I have the ability to kill a defense with my legs and arm.
"I have improved a lot in the past year. I am more focused on reading defenses better, just being a team player. I will also take what the defense gives me."
According to Bridgewater he has a dozen scholarship offers.
"The first team to offer me was Florida back on Sept 1st. Kansas State was last team to offer. Alabama, LSU, Marshall, USF, Miami, and Florida International have all offered me as a quarterback. Teams like Georgia, USC, Tennessee and West Virginia are recruiting me hard but have not offered.
"Right now I am wide open."
Bridgewater has been to Tampa and USF and went to Florida. He plans on attending the Miami spring game this Saturday
"The plan is to let it play out and take visits this fall and commit after state. I am looking at academics and grad rates. Plus what schools are putting guys in the NFL."