Breslin focused more on field

Morgan Breslin finished with 50 tackles including 12 sacks in his freshman season at Pleasant Hill (Calif.) Diablo Valley C.C. which means the defensive end should be picking up lots of recruiting attention soon.
So far, Arizona and Nevada have offered the 6-foot-3, 245-pound prospect and there is definitely a good chance other programs will get involved as well.
Breslin said he's heard a little from Boise State but at this point he's more focused on next season at Diablo Valley and then will turn to recruiting.

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"I have another season to play," Breslin said. "I have a whole other year, and I'm more focused on accomplishing things there and then I'll figure out the whole college recruiting process.
"Defensively, my whole team was stacked. I don't think I would have had the season I had if I didn't have all those players around me. Our backers and our safeties were great and it just makes the whole team better because everyone was doing their job and that makes it easier for everyone."
Breslin dominated in his freshman season and that's a big reason why Arizona and Nevada were so quick to jump on him.
The Diablo Valley standout said he has talked with coaches from both staffs and is definitely interested in both teams but that he's not really thinking about the recruiting process much.
That will take care of itself after next season.
"(Arizona) sent me a letter offering me a full scholarship for 2012," Breslin said. "I know Mike Stoops is a great coach and they do recruit a lot of junior college kids. I know Arizona is a big program.
"I met the defensive line coach and we talked for a couple minutes and they said they were going to offer. I really didn't believe him and then I got something in the mail a couple weeks later. I was like are you serious?
"(Nevada) sat me down and told me they want to offer me. They said I have an offer on the table but I haven't been calling anybody back lately."