Breneman visits Penn State

Junior tight end Adam Breneman of Camp Hill (Pa.) Cedar Cliff finished off a roller coaster week with a visit to Penn State for their home game against Nebraska. After the week of turmoil at Happy Valley, Breneman was eager to make a return trip to Penn State.
"I went with my dad, mom, one of my assistant coaches, Kevin Yarnevich, and his son," said Breneman.
The talented junior had already taken a number of visits this fall, including previous ones to Penn State.

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"There was tons of traffic, so we got there about 50 minutes before the game," said Breneman. "We went right onto the field to watch warmups. The atmosphere was crazy. It was definitely the best atmosphere I've taken in."
His late arrival did hinder his opportunity to speak with the coaching staff.
"Since we got there so late, we didn't have much time to see the coaches," said Breneman. "We spent time with recruiting coordinator Coach Kavanugh. And I also didn't really talk with any recruits."
Despite the lack of communication with the coaching staff, Breneman left impressed with everything he experienced.
"I wasn't too worried about talking with the coaches, the outcome of the game or the offense, because I know by the time I would get there, chances are there will be a whole new staff," said Breneman. "What I wanted to check out was the atmosphere at the game and the type of class Penn State showed. I have to say, I was very proud to be a Penn State recruit by the time we left. The prayer before the game, the support from the fans, the student section doing the "We are" chant right after a tough loss. Those are the types of fans I wanna play for."
Breneman admitted that he had a few reservations prior to the game.
"To be honest, there were a lot of negatives going through my mind about Penn State," said Breneman. "But this game gave me a lot of positives as well."
In a first round playoff game on Friday night, Breneman finished with 11 receptions for 185 yards and four touchdowns during a 42-38 victory over Exeter. Next up will be Central Dauphin this weekend in the quarterfinals.