Breeze big on Pac-12 powerhouse

Brady Breeze has significant ties to the Oregon football program and after the Ducks recently offered the 2016 defensive back admits it's a big deal to him.
Breeze, who will transfer to powerhouse Portland (Ore.) Central Catholic for his junior season, is related to former Oregon and NFL defensive back Chad Cota and that will also play a factor in his decision-making process.
There is little question that Oregon is very high on Breeze's list at this point even if he isn't ready to make a commitment this early.

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"It's a super big one," Breeze said.
"They've always kind of had their eye out for me because of Chad so they've always been watching me. This year they saw me at their camp and they decided to officially give me an offer so it was pretty sweet.
"It's super important for me."
The Ducks are in phenomenal position when it comes to Breeze's recruitment but the 2016 defensive back is probably not ready to make a commitment before his junior year.
Breeze seems more focused on getting acclimated to his new school and figuring out the ropes there. Then after his junior season, he will consider a pledge but working things out at Portland Central Catholic is most important to him at this point.
"I am thinking about waiting until after this football season just so I can focus on my new school," Breeze said.
"I'm transferring to Central Catholic this year and I haven't gone to a single day of school there yet so I have to focus on school first and focus on my grades. After football season I will think about committing or doing whatever.
"It will really help me work harder and become a better player and be around guys that really like to work hard. It will be a great environment for me."
BYU and Washington are showing early interest but Breeze said his recruitment has been limited. More exposure at Portland Central Catholic could certainly help. In his sophomore season at South Medford, Breeze finished with 79 tackles and five interceptions.