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Brazinski confirms two officials

Four-star offensive center Mark Brazinski has confirmed two official visits. Where will the Somerville (N.J.) Immaculata prospect be headed in the future?
"I'm starting to narrow things down," he said. "I know I have an official set with North Carolina. It'll be for the Boston College game (October 25th).
"I'm also planning to take an official to Boston College sometime in December. I'm in the process of taking a couple visits to the Ivy Leagues as well. I'm looking at Pennsylvania and Princeton."
Brazinski just returned from a visit to Princeton last week.
"I watched them play Lehigh," he said. "It was fun. Their offense held the ball a really long time. They have a very pretty campus and it's definitely a unique atmosphere at that school."
Brazinski went on about the other Ivy League school.
"I'm really looking at Penn. I plan to attend their games when they play Dartmouth and Brown," he said. "They have the No. 1 business school in the country and they sell it that it's not just four years, but forty. My brother played at Penn and it has worked out for him. Even in the economic slowdown he's doing well and is a financial trader on Park Avenue in New York City, so it's definitely a consideration."