Brandt wants to stay close

Bexley, Ohio, three-star offensive tackle Jake Brandt said he's close to making a final decision. The 6-foot-6, 255-pounder is ranked as the No. 64 player in Ohio and the No. 68 offensive tackle in the nation looks like he'll be staying near home to play his college football.
"I got it narrowed it down right now," he said.
"I have to decide between Miami and Cincinnati. The coaches are great. I'm really trying to stay in Ohio. With Miami, I went there for the visit. I can't really make any decisions yet with them because I haven't me the OL coach. Coach Hood is recruiting me. He's one of the defensive coaches, but he recruits Columbus. He's a good I have a good relationship with."

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"It's the same thing with Cincinnati though. I feel like I could do good things at either. My parents will support me on wherever I want to go. The best education I can get will be key in my decision. I know Cincinnati is ranked like No. 2 in the NCAA on overall GPA. A degree from Miami Ohio will look good from there, too."
But now he's focused on what is about to happen with his senior season.
"I'm just trying to focus on my last season," Brandt, who has offers from Cincinnati, Illinois, Akron, Eastern Michigan and Miami of Ohio, said. "I really look forward to taking official visits and seeing how it would be like to be at each school. We're going to be stacked. Seth White, our quarterback, he's committed to Ball State. Julian Coleman, one of our linebackers, is highly recruited also.
"I'm sure this year we'll compete and get that playoff spot like we should have last year."
Brandt said he's still trying to overcome the bad taste left in his mouth about 2007.
"We were one game out," he said. "We were 8-2. It was our last league game, and we lost to Columbus Academy, who is our rivals the last game of the season. It was a bummer."
Brandt said he's really looking forward to a battle with Ohio State commitment Storm Klein on his schedule.
"I want to knock him on his butt," he said. "I think he's a little over rated. They're the team to beat, and we're the team to beat them. They only beat us 31-17 last year. And Columbus Academy because they're our rivals and they beat us last year the game was in the rain and we both didn't do much but they didn't beat us by much."
"Some place that will fit right for me you know, as long as it's in Ohio and my parents can come watch me play and stuff like that."