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Brandon Smith talks leaders

Little has been heard from New Brunswick, N.J. athlete Brandon Smith during the May evaluation period. With just a few days left before summer starts, does the 6-foot-3, 210-pounder have any favorites?
"The month of May has been a heavy recruiting month for me, it's going good though," he said. "I think I'm up to a little over 30 offers.
"This month I've seen schools come in including Florida, Wisconsin, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, Michigan, Rutgers, Connecticut, Syracuse, Iowa, Maryland, Boston College, Louisville and others. Florida really did impress me because I feel like I'd fit into their defense pretty well.
"I was also surprised to hear that West Virginia and North Carolina want me to play quarterback. I know I could play it, but didn't think anyone would look at me there. I'll play anything."
Currently Smith has two lists of favorites, a top five that has offered and three that haven't.
"The five schools I'm favoring that have offered are Michigan, North Carolina State, Rutgers, Iowa and West Virginia. I just feel like out of all the offers, those five are great academically and on the field. They provide me schemes I fit in best at too.
"Three that haven't offered are Florida, Florida State and Louisville. I feel like I fit into their schemes too, particularly Florida. I think I fit there's the best out of everyone."
While most schools aren't pushing for him to camp, Smith plans to at least make plenty of unofficials in the coming months.
"Most want me to come up and see the campus," he said. "I'm definitely going to Ohio State and Michigan and then probably will be at a lot of the local campuses including Rutgers, Maryland, Connecticut, Syracuse and West Virginia."
Despite having leaders, the Garden State prospect isn't any closer to a decision.
"I'm not looking to commit early at all," he said. "I just want to wait and see how things go. I've been nominated for the Army All-American game and if I end up playing there, I'll commit at the game. If not, then I'll do it right after the season."