Brandon Smith has fun at the Big House

Four-star athlete Brandon Smith took his first official visit of the season to Ann Arbor this weekend. The 6-foot-3, 210-pounder out of New Brunswick, N.J. was in attendance for the Wolverines win over Penn State.
"The visit to Michigan was great, it was more than I expected," he said. "Just being at the Big House was a great experience.
"On the visit, I hung out with the players a lot, went to team meetings, talked with every coach and got a lot of time with coach Carr. It was great the conversations I had with him. He is a great coach and it was an honor to talk to him one-on-one."

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There have been a lot of questions surrounding Carr in recent weeks on whether he'll be at Michigan next season. That was a big concern for Smith coming in.
"Those were a lot of my questions because I don't want to go somewhere and play for someone that didn't recruit me," he said. "I don't know if I'll get my fair chance.
"The coaches all told me they have two, three or four year contracts left and I'm pretty confident coach Carr will be there. He had a rough start this season, but is a great coach any team would like to have."
On the visit, the Rivals100 prospect met with a lot of prospects and players.
"I got to talk to Donovan Warren who is a true freshman," he said. "He told me that coach Carr basically said the same thing to him that he has to me. I'll get a chance to play if I prove I can compete for the job. It was nice hearing that from him since he obviously has gotten that chance.
"I also met with Mike Hart, Ryan Mallett and others. They were all telling me to come there since there is no other lace to play football.
"I also met with a lot of recruits including J.B. Fitzgerald, Spencer Adams and Sam McGuffie."
Meanwhile, Smith went on to discuss the game.
"I wouldn't say it was a big win for Michigan," he said. "They lost their first two, but they finally played Michigan type football and when they do that they are one of the best in the nation. They are a great club that is very talented.
"I did watch the safeties since that is what I'll probably play. I know they are losing three of them this year and the defense was incredible. Overall I just had a lot of fun on the visit."
The No. 9 athlete in the country confirmed he will be headed on other visits, but at this time has not scheduled anything else.
"I still plan to go somewhere else, probably in another week or two. I don't know where I'm going yet."