Boyd picks up new offers

As if wide receiver Jheranie Boyd hasn't already received enough attention from schools across the country two major programs recently extended new offers.
The 6-foot-3, 180-pound junior from Gastonia (N.C.) Ashbrook received good news from two schools on the east coast this past week.
"Urban Meyer called (Jheranie's) head coach to let him know they would be offering him," said Joseph Johnson, the man handling much of Boyd's recruiting business. "With South Carolina, one of their coaches contacted the school and told us they'd be offering a scholarship. They definitely offered."

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In addition to Florida and South Carolina, Boyd has received offers from the likes of Alabama, Maryland, Mississippi State, North Carolina, NC State and Wake Forest.
"He'll probably be attending Alabama's spring game and we're looking at probably trying to get down to the University of South Carolina for a practice. That's all for the spring because he's running track. We'll probably try to go to Tallahassee and Coral Gables over the summer."
While it's track season, Boyd has been nursing a minor injury of late.
"He has an issue with a sprained ankle so he's not running right now, he's resting," Johnson said. "He runs everything under the sun. Right now he's just talking a little break. He should probably get back to running next week."
As a junior Boyd caught 47 passes for 1,151 yards and 11 touchdowns.