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Bowers to choose between two

Ross Bowers has had an exciting offseason capped with an invitation to the Elite 11 and the Bothell, Wash., quarterback is going to wrap things up with a commitment in the coming days.
The 6-foot-2, 175-pound prospect has narrowed his choices to Cal and Colorado State and Bowers plans to make his pledge during his time in Oregon.
Cal has a lot going for it, Bowers said, because he loves the coaching staff, the style of offense, how he would fit in the program and its academic prestige. All that is a nice little package and something he will definitely consider.
"It's one of the best, if not the best, public school in the nation," Bowers said. "It's in California, I love the area. It's in the Pac-12 so you can't beat that. It's a very pass-friendly offense. I really like the head coach. I like the quarterbacks coach a lot, too. It just felt good to be there, too, and I really liked it a lot."
Colorado State made the list of finalists for many reasons. It was the first school to offer which means a lot to Bowers and he said the coaching staff thoroughly impressed him throughout the recruiting process.
It might not have the name recognition of Cal but it definitely holds a lot of weight in his consideration.
"Colorado State offered me first so I was always so grateful for that," Bowers said. "They've always showed me a lot of love. I was down there twice and I loved each time I was down there.
"The coaching staff is one of the best in the entire nation when it comes to recruiting just because they're so honest. That really helps them and they have a great program down there. They're coming off that bowl win and I think they're headed in the right direction so it would be a good place to be."
Colorado, Wake Forest, James Madison and Montana have also offered the Bothell quarterback.