Bowens top three subject to change

Branden Bowen has a list of favorites that he doesn't mind sharing. He'll rattle them off when asked and seems fairly confident in the pecking order he's established. Still, the Draper (Utah) Corner Canyon High School tackle is hoping his list evolves.
For now, though, things in his mind are simple. Certain schools have earned certain advantages.
"Oregon State, Utah and Washington State are my top three right now," Bowen said." I've only been to Utah, but I've heard great things about Wazzu and Oregon State, Those three are just on top. Talking to the coaches and all that, it's been the best experience."
A 6-foot-7 tackle with 10 scholarship offers in tow, Bowen says things in his mind aren't anywhere near final. The frontrunners are subject to change, and he'd actually prefer it if they did. He's still chasing dream schools. Lots of them, actually.
Nobody will accuse Bowen of failing to set goals.
"Right now, I'm booking a trip to Ohio State during the third week of June," he said. "I plan to visit USC, UCLA and Stanford in June or July. Some might be for camps. It just depends on the day. Those are the top schools that I am targeting that I don't have offers from. I'm also planning on heading out to Oregon if I can."
Eventually, Bowen will have to choose from what's available. He plans to graduate high school early and join the school of his choice in time for spring practice in 2015, making his time somewhat limited. He's targeted "late November" as rough date for a decision.
Until then, though, he's doing what he can to avoid alienating any school interested in his services.
"I'm still staying open to everybody for now at least," he said. "I want to get more offers before I start cutting things down or deciding."