Bowden isnt Beyonce

Greenbelt (Md.) Eleanor Roosevelt athlete Derrick Williams had a famous guest at his house on Monday evening. So how did his in-home visit with Bobby Bowden go?
"It was cool, he and Jeff Bowden came in and met me and my family," said the 6-foot-0, 189-pounder. "They talked about how I can help their program and how their program can help me. It was informative but nothing really new from our conversations on the phone. It was good to meet them in person though and have them meet my parents."
Williams, who has already visited Tennessee, Penn State and Florida on official visits, will take an official to Oklahoma on Dec. 10. His next visit could be this weekend.

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"We're hoping to take one this weekend and then finish with Oklahoma," said Derrick. "It will be down to Florida State, Texas and Miami for the most part when it comes to the visit this weekend. Miami has a game at home, so that's tempting but we'll see. I liked what coach Bowden had to say and I've always liked Texas."
Was Williams awed by the presence of the all-time wins leader?
"Nah, it wasn't like it was Beyonce or anything," he laughed. "If she came to the house, I'd be awed. Coach Bowden is a great coach, but he's also just a person."
Williams is currently in Atlanta to shoot a local TV show and will be back Wednesday night. By Thursday he hopes to decide on where he'll be this weekend.
"I'm glad I'll be able to take all five officials," he said. "I'm announcing my decision on ESPNews on Dec. 22, I'm not sure of the time yet but it will be from my school. It's going to be a big deal for me."