Bostwick taking reasoned approach

Port St. Lucie (Fla.) St. Lucie West Centennial defensive tackle Jaynard Bostwick is readying for his senior season, and still has a big choice to make in determining which major college program he will sign with by February.
"I'm just hanging back and trying to finish my senior year," Bostwick told Rivals.com. "I'm not trying to make any decisions right now. We have practice tomorrow morning and I'm just trying to get back into shape."
The 6-foot-4, 291-pounder is still focused on five programs that have remained on his radar lately.

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"As far as schools, I'm still really looking at Oregon, Miami, the Gators (Florida), Alabama, and LSU," he said. "I'm looking at Florida State a little bit and the Spartans (Michigan State).
The Rivals250 lineman discussed what he liked the most about each school that is still on his list.
Miami: It's always been my family's school, even before I knew I was going to go to college. My dad always liked it and my cousin went there. He's going to be a sophomore this year coming up."
Oregon: "They just have a good program. I've heard a lot about them lately. I like the jerseys."
Florida: "I went there and it's a real good academic school. They have a lot of resources that I would need there and it's a good program as well."
Alabama: "I watch a lot of their games. They're on TV a lot. I haven't visited yet."
LSU: "Them and Alabama are the top-ranking teams. I figure if I go there, I'll get a lot of experience from the coaches. I haven't visited there, either."
Bostwick will take no chances to ensure he is making the right choice.
"I'm taking all five (visits). I'm definitely going to Oregon. That's my first one. I might go to Miami or LSU next," he said.
When the time comes to finalize a choice, the Sunshine State tackle feels confident he will have taken enough time to make a well-informed decision.
"I'm going to wait until probably the end of my season just so I can get all of the information straight and make sure I know what I want to do," he said. "That's the reason I want to visit the schools. I want to make sure I feel welcome and get a good feeling when I'm there for the four years."
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