Bostic now with a dozen offers

Barry Bostic is a four star cornerback from the Peach State. Bostic, 5-10 and 161, is from Louisville (Ga.) Jefferson County High School. Today, he picked up two more scholarship offers.
"East Carolina and Colorado offered me today," Bostic said. "I wasn't expecting an offer from East Carolina. I talked with them and they said they were interested. I got home today, sorted through the mail and there was an offer. I will call them a little later tonight.
I also got one to Colorado today. They told me it was in the mail. It's weird because they are so far away but I will look into them and learn more about them. I know they play in the Big 12 and I like the coaches. They seem pretty cool."

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Colorado and ECU made a dozen scholarship offers for Bostic. Does he have a particular favorite or set of favorites at this time?
"Nah. Right now I am pretty open. I am going to take my time. I don' t want to rush anything."
So far this spring Bostic has seen Georgia, Vanderbilt, Florida, Mississippi State, and Georgia Tech. This summer he hopes to camp at Georgia Tech, South Carolina and Florida.
This season Bostic will do a little bit of everything for his high school team. He will play quarterback, receiver, cornerback, running back and return kicks. So what do most of the schools like him at position wise?
Schools like Mississippi State, Vanderbilt and West Virginia like me at receiver. Colorado, UCLA and Georgia Tech like me at corner. Then you have colleges like UConn, Kentucky and Maryland that want to wait until they see me on the field."