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Bonsu talks Colorado commitment

Colorado University got a big commit out of the state of Texas on Tuesday in the form of Nate Bonsu. At 6-foot-2, 265 pounds, the three-star defensive tackle is big in more ways than one. Though Bonsu fell in love with Boulder, Colo. and the campus, he took his time in making sure it was the right decision.
"I committed on Tuesday," Bonsu said Wednesday night. "It's been almost two month since I'd been there. I took my official visit almost two months ago but I was just trying to go see everything else. I knew I was in love with the school and love the coaching staff and love the place."
Now that Bonsu has made his decision, he has a lot of positive things to say about his future home in the Big 12 North.
"First, I love the atmosphere," he said. "The coaches are great. Coach Hawkins, my position coach, Coach Benson, my recruiting coach Coach Grimes, all the coaches are great. The staff is great. The players are real cool. I know when I committed, two of them texted and said 'can't wait for you to be out here'."
Though Colorado has got some extreme climactic and geographical differences from Bonsu's hometown of Dallas, he is confident that he can handle the change.
"It's a big change from Texas," he said. "I know it's colder up there and it's far away but it's not so far that I's like you can't ever get back."
Bonsu also is confident that his commitment is rock solid. With two months to think about it, he has no doubts that he's ready to be a Buffalo.
"I'm pretty sure I'm done," he said. "I gave my word. I'm done and I'm going to Colorado. I took a lot of time to think about it and to pray and to talk to coaches."
With his decision behind him, Bonsu can now focus on some unfinished business in the playoffs. Last season, an unbeaten regular season for Allen ended in a first round playoff loss. Bonsu is motivated to not let that happen again.
"We start this week," he said. "Our first game is against South Grand Prairie. As most people know we lost in the first round last year after going 10-0 so we have truck loads of motivation. We're all excited because most everybody from the defense was on the team from last year so we're ready to go."