Bonney hopes for preseason decision

Houston (Texas) Lamar three-star defensive back John Bonney has made it clear he hoped to close in on a decision before the end of the summer, but he had some questions and several options to sort through before he was ready.
In order to make things easier, Bonney and his family toured the country hitting college campuses. The trip took them from Texas to TCU, up to Ohio State and Northwestern, over to Oklahoma and Oklahoma State, out to Louisville, and the back to Houston.
"The main reason for this trip was to try and get a one-on-one with the coaches and talk to them because I didn't want to put out a favorite or anything without visiting all the schools that I thought were at the top of my list," Bonney said. "You have to really talk to the coaches and that was the main thing about that."
While on his trip there were a few things that stood out about a few of his visits.
"A lot of these schools I had been to like Oklahoma I had been to and Texas and TCU and all that. But the two schools I hadn't been two were Ohio State and Oklahoma State," Bonney said." It was my first time seeing the facilities. I didn't know Oklahoma State had as nice of facilities and the same thing with Ohio State. Those were two that really jumped out just for the fact I hadn't ever been around there before. Being able to talk to coach Strong from Louisville was great. He's a really, really great guy. I'd heard that before but getting a chance to talk to him was real good."
He also learned that several schools were looking at him at cornerback instead of safety, and he does not mind that one bit.
"Right now I think my preference right now would be corner. Lately a lot of teams - TCU, Ohio State, Northwestern, Louisville, Oklahoma, and Oklahoma State - they all said corner when I was up there visiting," Bonney said. "With exception of Texas, they think I'd be a good safety."
Now that Bonney has returned home, he is in the process of narrowing his list, and there are a couple of factors that weigh heavily on his mind.
"Right now as far as football I want to get a chance to play and play early," Bonney said. "I want to be comfortable with the coaches I have. Those are the two main things I'm really looking at."
He is not quite ready to start naming favorites, but the cuts should come soon as he hopes to make a preseason decision.
"My tentative timetable is before the season starts to make a decision," Bonney said.