Bond holding out for Sooners, Hurricanes

Devante Bond isn't thumbing his nose at Washington State. He isn't brushing off UNLV, either. His words surely aren't intended to diss Utah State. They may come off that way, sure, but the Roseville Community College linebacker speaks without malice.
His excitement on one front is easily mistaken for apathy on another. The three schools that have already offered him scholarships are fine institutions. He points that out. It's just that he has other aspirations.
This is Devante Bond roughly three months before signing day, wide-eyed and oozing ambition.

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His current favorites? Well, they haven't offered just yet. That doesn't stop him from focusing on the prize, though.
"Miami and Oklahoma, those two schools excite me," Bond said on Sunday.
So far, his relationship with both the Sooners and Hurricanes has merely been flirtatious -- a wink here, a passing conversation there. Miami contacted Bond for the first time on Sunday, and his conversations with the Oklahoma coaching staff have been ongoing. Still, he's without an offer to show for any of it.
Ask Bond, though, and he'll tell you that's all set to change. He believes it so deeply, in fact, that he almost refuses to engage in chatter about the three schools that have actually offered.
"I talked to the Utah State coach," Bond said. "They want to get me on a visit, but I'm not sure yet. I mean, it's kind of early. I still have a lot of stuff that could happen before the end of this year. I don't plan on committing anytime early, so I'll figure out where I want to visit later."
Believe or not, Bond has things he's looking for in a potential suitor that isn't limited to a Miami or Oklahoma jersey. His decision will ultimately be about style of play.
"I want a place that's going to use me to rush the passer," he said. "That's my thing. I love to rush the passer. I want to play right away. Since I'm not going to be graduate in December, some schools may want the option of redshirting me, but I don't want that."
When he finished outlining his checklist, it's not long before he's on the subject of Miami and Oklahoma again. According to Bond, the wheels have been set in motion. When he speaks about it, the excitement bleeds through. He might as well be seven years old and waiting for Santa.
"Miami wants my transcripts and all that other stuff," he said.
"With Oklahoma, I talk to coach Tim Kish every week. I like him."
Bond will have three years to play two seasons at whichever school he chooses. California and Fresno State are also involved in his recruitment.