Bomar staying mum on calls

Grand Prairie, Texas quarterback Rhett Bomar will be one of the top rated prospects in the country when Rivals.com releases their rankings this summer. His talent definitely isn’t overlooked by college coaches. So which coaches were first to make contact on the initial day of the May contact period?
“There have been a few coaches call today,” the 6-foot-4, 205 pound Bomar said. “But, I don’t feel like saying which schools.”

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The phone at the Bomar residence didn’t begin ringing early in the morning like some players have had in the past.
“I have practice after school, both football and baseball,” he said. “We made the playoffs in baseball and football spring training has started. So we’re going in both right now.
“I got home about 6:00 tonight from practice and they called around 7:00 or so.”
Bomar is considering a list of including Oklahoma, Texas, Florida State and UCLA.
“I’m not leaning anywhere,” Bomar said earlier in the week. “That’s just a rumor, I’m no lean anywhere. I’m pretty open right now.”