Bolles prospects perform at Jacksonville NUC

After an impressive morning session, the National Underclassmen Combine returned for an afternoon session at Wolfson High School in Jacksonville, Florida. Leading the way was a spectacular performance by Overall MVP, sophomore OL Brent Benedict of The Bolles School.
Benedict (6 feet 4 ½, 273 pounds) is an amazing athlete for his size, and has the footwork and explosion to dominate the line of scrimmage. He also had a 30.5-inch vertical, 8'6" broad, 5.07 40, 4.71 shuttle, and 17 reps on 185 pounds.
The Bolles School produced two other award winners during the afternoon session. The DB MVP went to sophomore safety Kyle Richardson, who at 5 feet 11 and 171 pounds was fantastic during the individual drills and one-on-ones. During the combine events he also had a 27-inch vertical, 4.84 40, and 4.44 shuttle. Sophomore QB Chandler Carr (5 feet 10, 193 pounds) took home the Leadership Award, as he showed great command throughout the afternoon. Carr was also a very accurate passer, and didn't disappoint during the combine events with a 27-inch vertical, 4.39 shuttle, 5.05 40, and 15 reps on 155 pounds.

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The Bolles School wasn't the only school to have multiple award winners during the afternoon. After winning one award during the morning, host Wolfson High School collected four awards, with sophomore WR C.J. Bostic leading the way with two. Bostic (5 feet 8, 170 pounds) was both the Fastest Man and the Sophomore Combine King. A 4.42 40 won him the Fastest Man Award, but it was his overall performance, with a 31.5-inch vertical, 4.42 40, 9'2" broad, and 4.20 shuttle that made him the Combine King. Aside from the combine events, Bostic also showed speed on the field, was explosive, and had great hands. Wolfson High School actually swept the Combine King Awards, as the freshman version went to QB Sam Smiley. Showing impressive athleticism, Smiley (5 feet 9, 152 pounds) had a 31-inch vertical, 8'6" broad, 4.40 shuttle, 4.62 40, and 8 reps on 135 pounds. The last award for Wolfson went to RB Darrin McPherson, who was named Freshman MVP. McPherson (5 feet 6, 155 pounds) had great feet, athleticism, and explosion for a freshman of his size. He also had a 30.5-inch vertical, 8'3" broad, 4.66 40, 4.19 shuttle, and 13 reps on 135 pounds.
Winning three awards was Crescent City High School. The Strongest Man Award went to sophomore OL Daniel Koch, who at 6 feet 4 and 336 pounds, had 24 reps on 185 pounds. Sophomore Stephen Baker was named the QB MVP, after showing impressive accuracy and decision making during individual drills and one-on-ones. Baker (5 feet 11, 171 pounds) also had a 4.81 40, 4.68 shuttle, 8'5" broad, 26-inch vertical, and 11 reps on 155 pounds. And winning the LB MVP for Crescent City was sophomore Bobby Jones. Jones (5 feet 10, 179 pounds) showed great feet and physicality for a player of his size. During the combine events he had a 26.5-inch vertical, 8'3" broad, 4.56 shuttle, and 4.85 40. Although he didn't win an award, also deserving special mention from Crescent City is sophomore RB Shontrelle Jackson, who at 5 feet 8 and 164 pounds, showed impressive athleticism throughout the afternoon. He also had a 29.5-inch vertical, 4.62 40, 4.18 shuttle, 8'11" broad, and 13 reps on 155 pounds.
The last school with multiple winners during the afternoon was Fleming Island High School. OL MVP sophomore Ian Silberman definitely stood out during the afternoon session. Silberman (6 feet 4 ½, 255 pounds) has a fantastic combination of size, athleticism, and range. He also had a 101" reach, 5.13 40, 4.71 shuttle, 25.5-inch vertical, and 16 reps on 185 pounds. Winning an award for the other side of the line was DL MVP sophomore Addison Denney. Denney (6 feet 2, 201 pounds) dominated almost every offensive lineman in attendance, and showed his athleticism with a 25-inch vertical, 4.95 40, 4.68 shuttle, 8'4" broad, and 12 reps on 185 pounds. Winning the WR MVP for Fleming Island was freshman Austin Sweatt. At 5 feet 8 and 186 pounds, Sweat ran great routes, while also showcasing impressive hands and speed. He also had a 4.82 40, 4.36 shuttle, and 26 reps on 135 pounds.
Winning the last award in Jacksonville was sophomore Tahj Kimble of Fernandina Beach High School, who won the RB MVP. Kimble (5 feet 10, 186 pounds) is a rangy running back with fabulous explosion. During the combine events he also had a 4.51 40, 4.54 shuttle, 21 reps on 155 pounds, 27-inch vertical, and 8'2" broad.