Boateng improving rapidly

SAN ANTONIO, Texas – Brooklyn (N.Y.) Lincoln wide receiver Nyan Boateng is certainly one of the most colorful prospects on hand in San Antonio this week. He's also improving each day in his first real action since a broken leg cost him his season back in August. Boateng is down to two schools, but which ones are they?
"It's Florida and Nebraska," said the 6-foot-2, 186-pounder. "It's down to those two schools and I'll announce on Saturday between them. I've got an idea about who it will be, but I still haven't decided just yet."
Boateng took official visits to both places and loved each for different reasons.

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"Nebraska was crazy because those fans are just awesome," he said. "They all seemed to know who I was and wanted me to go to Nebraska. I had to duck my head at times so I wouldn't be recognized. And I really like the football aspect there.
"And Florida, that stadium is awesome and I got to hang with Chris Leak and talk about what they want to do," he said. "Florida is an offense that I could fit into as well and SEC football is great."
Social atmosphere could be the determining factor when it comes to Boateng's decision.
"There is so much to do in Gainesville, I was really surprised," he said. "That's the one thing that could hold back Nebraska a bit because there's not as much to do there."
Boateng, always unpredictable, also took a trip out to the Rose Bowl to check out Michigan. It wouldn't shock anyone if he pulled a Michigan hat out of the bag on Saturday, leading everyone to believe he was choosing between Florida and Nebraska.
"Oh, I could see him doing that," said fellow New Yorker Jason Gwaltney with a laugh. "Boat is a tough one to figure out."
Boateng said he felt better today than he did yesterday on his leg.
"Yesterday I went full speed at the first part of practice and got a little sore," he said. "Today it felt better, but I wish I was 100-percent this week and for the game."
However, it wouldn't matter much in practice anyhow according to Nyan.
"Man, the defensive backs just hold anyhow," he laughed. "I was watching some video online and it was crazy. They can't cover us."
Boateng is ranked as the No. 21 wideout in the country and No. 5 player in New York. He said he will play basketball at whatever school he chooses as well.