Bo Williams concludes his officials

Rivals250 running back Bo Williams took his fifth and final official visit this weekend to Pittsburgh. Have the Panthers gained ground for the Oakland Park (Fla.) Northeast prospect?
"The visit was great," he said. "The people there were really friendly and the fans were talking about me on the radio.
"I got there on Friday morning and toured the campus, went to the chapel and saw the history of that. I also went to their learning center and checked out my major. After that, I toured the campus, checked out the city and met some fans. I have to say they've got some true football fans there, you could tell people were really excited that I was in town."
The 6-foot-1, 203-pounder was hosted on the trip by Eric Thatcher.
"He was a very cool guy," he said. "He told me about the school and what I should expect if I went there. He talked a lot about how the coaches tell the truth and won't lie to you which were nice to hear."
The Rivals250 prospect spent a lot of time with the Panthers coaching staff.
"I was able to talk to coach Partridge, Walker and Wannstedt," he said. "I got a good amount of time with coach Wannstedt. He basically said that he really wants me at Pitt because they need a big back that can pound the ball and they think I can be that guy to carry the ball 20 to 30 times a game. He even talked about playing time and thinks my chances right away are great."
Certainly Pittsburgh pulled out all the stops to impress Williams, but was it enough.
"I'd rate the trip a 10," he said. "Actually if it's possible I'd rate it an 11. They showed me so much love and kept it real throughout the trip."
With him graduating from high school on Thursday, the four-star prospect is prepared to announce this week.
"I've got to commit soon," he said. "I was looking at doing it tomorrow, but I think my coach wants to get ESPN and the press involved. I believe it'll probably be either Tuesday or Wednesday.
"It's going to be a very hard decision. After seeing Pitt, that's changed my mind a bit. They showed me love and I've got to make a smart decision. I'd say that right now the leader is Florida, but Pitt is very close."
What does Williams like about his favorite?
"At first I was skeptical about them because they spread the ball around so much," he said. "When I went there, the coaches broke down the offensive plays and showed me how I fit into their offense. I know you've got to respect their wide receivers with Percy (Harvin) and the others and that means the middle is wide open. It fits me perfectly."