Blood enjoys quiet before storm

With sleep prints marking his arms and face like a road map, Houston Booker T. Washington's Reginald Youngblood finally sees the light of day by 10 a.m, during his first week of summer.
"Aw man, I'm catching as many 'Zs' as I can right now," he laughs. "It's getting ready to get busy."
Such is life for's No. 8 rated player in the entire nation.
On a sleepy street in Houston's inner city, Youngblood (6-5, 295-pounds) stands in the doorway of his house. He actually looks like he wears to one-story home over his shoulders, as he tells the story of the last two seasons.
"I tell you what, this has been a big surprise," he said. "When I was in 10th grade, I just dreamed of getting one scholarship offer. Now, I have over 20 offers and four shoeboxes full of mail. And I wear size 13 shoes, so those are some big boxes.
"I also took the SAT when I was a sophomore just to see how I would do. My score was good enough to qualify, so I haven't needed to take it again."
Known as "Blood" in the neighborhood, his nickname doesn't match the easy-going, friendly personality.
"That's just the name I got from school and the neighborhood," he said.
He is getting some rest for the upcoming summer, which will see him taking unofficial visits to LSU, Oklahoma, Florida, Florida State and Miami.
"It's been pretty crazy these days, and I am pretty open right now," he said. "I want to narrow my choices by the summer and take some visits in the fall."
First on the schedule was LSU this past weekend.
"I didn’t participate,” he said. “I just looked around the campus.”
At least he will is rested.