Blankenship waiting for offers

Offensive guard Cole Blankenship has yet to land a scholarship. However, the 6-foot-4, 280-pounder is getting looks from a number of college programs and took a pair of visits recently.
"I went to NC State for a visit and I loved it, it was awesome," he said. "I also went to Duke too on a visit. That was pretty cool."
Blankenship discussed the trips.

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"Duke just got a brand new indoor practice facility. It was really nice and the facilities are outstanding. I liked NC State's strength coach a lot. He's a really cool guy and that stood out to me. He let the players come into his house instead of partying."
Blankenship is planning on a trip to Wake Forest next week and Miami sometime soon.
The Hurricanes are one of the latest schools to pick up interest.
"I've been getting a lot of interest from Miami," he said. "They've been sending me all kinds of mail. I'm starting to get a lot of interest from Maryland too.
"Everyone is basically saying that I'm a hell of a ball player and they'd love to have me there. But, no one is really talking about offers. They are all trying to get me to come to one-day camps."
On the field, Blankenship posted all-conference, region and state honors.