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Blacks summer plans

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - With school officially out throughout the Sunshine State, prospects are making plans to hit the road and participate in summer camps. Rivals100 wide receiver Chris Black of Jacksonville (Fla.) First Coast intends to make it on campus to at least three schools in the coming months.
"Right now I am still kind of debating on things because I know pretty much where I am going to go but I just have to figure out when, what actual dates," Black said. "As for schools I know I will be at for sure, those are Florida, Florida State, and Alabama, just to check those three out again, and probably a couple of others as well."
The Gators, Seminoles, and Crimson Tide have consistently been Black's leaders for months now. He talked about what has those three top-tier programs standing out to him.
"It is just the interest that I feel they have in me," Black said. "It is about the relationships that I have built with the coaches there. Those two things are the major things that help separate the schools for me. It is also about the opportunity I have there."
At this stage in the process, the 5-foot-11, 160-pound wideout is pretty sure his focus will be on just those three schools from here on out.
"I think it is kind of about time to focus on those three and keep getting a feel for those three more and more," Black said. "I want to see which one fits me best at the end of the day."
The four-star prospect talked about what has those three schools at the forefront for his future services.
Alabama: "Alabama is crazy. Before I ever took a trip there they weren't really in my mind, but after the trip I fell in love with them - me and my family," Black said. "Just the love that the coaches have shown me and the opportunity they have with three guys leaving in (Darius) Hanks, (Marquis) Maze, and (Brandon) Gibson."
"Coach (Jeremy) Pruitt recruits this area and I like him," Black said. "I have definitely built a great relationship with Coach (Mike) Groh, the receivers coach, he is a great coach, nice guy, cool guy. My mom loves him and my dad likes him too."
Florida: "My dad is a big Gator fan and I grew up a Gator fan. I just always liked the intensity of the Gators, especially when Coach (Urban) Meyer was there," Black said. "It is kind of great now with the coaching change that they have a pro-style offense and will really get the ball to receivers now. I am interested in seeing how things go on the football field next year for them. I definitely plan to try to get to a couple of games."
"Coach (Dan) Quinn, Coach (Aubrey) Hill, and Coach (Charlie) Weis are recruiting me for the Gators," Black said. "I love Coach Weis, he is a pretty funny guy. I have never seen him wearing his (Super Bowl) ring but he had it in his pocket. It just kind of feels good to know I have the opportunity to play under him and the type of offense he likes to run."
Florida State: "Coach (Lawrence) Dawsey has been recruiting me for a long time, he is the receivers coach there, a great guy. He tells me with Alabama in the mix now he is definitely turning the heat up on me. I call him every now and then and we talk," Black said. "Florida State is a family-oriented tea. My mom loves Florida State."
While in the past Black has been quoted as stating an order to the top three, on Thursday he said that he doesn't feel that way heading into his summer visits.
"I wouldn't say there is an order to them," Black said. "I wouldn't say that."
When it comes time to decide, Black said he knows how he will separate the trio from one another.
"It is just going to be the one that shows the most interest in me and that I feel I can go there and definitely make an impact early out of the three," Black said. "It is about the one that gives me the best opportunity."
Black said he doesn't have a firm timeline for deciding, but doesn't expect to commit while on campus visiting a school during the summer.