Big WR claims first offer

Washington (D.C.) H.D. Woodson wide receiver Alonzo Russell claims his first offer. The 6-foot-4, 180-pounder pulled the scholarship while at camp last Friday.
"I went to camp at Pittsburgh on Friday and later that day they offered and sent it to me," he said. "I'm just happy. Pittsburgh is really good and they've got a lot of people in the NFL. They've got a good offense. I talked to the coaches including Coach Brossard and Coach Wannstedt. He's funny."
Russell followed Pittsburgh up with camps at Maryland on Saturday and West Virginia on Sunday.
"Both of them are supposed to tell me what's up after they evaluate me more," he stated. "Maryland was impressed with my performance and said they are willing to offer. They want to check my grades and stuff.
"West Virginia plans to evaluate after they finish up camps."
More camps are likely on the horizon for the D.C. receiver.
"I still am supposed to go to Virginia Tech, Illinois and Louisville for camps."
Does Russell like anybody?
"Not really," he said. "I am a fan of Larry Fitzgerald and thought about that with Pittsburgh.
"Other than that, I'm just looking for the best fit for me. I want somewhere I'm comfortable with the staff and they have my best interest in mind."
Last season as a junior Russell posted six touchdowns on offense and four interceptions on defense.