Big weekend visit for Green

This was a big weekend for Zachary Green since the Arizona commit got to see his future team upset USC in person and he was with a top recruit for 2014 in Ventura (Calif.) St. Bonaventure teammate Bryce Dixon.
Green, a 5-foot-9, 210-pound three-star running back, said he had another outstanding visit to Tucson and the victory over the Trojans made things even better.
"The environment was so great," Green said. "I've never watched a game out there before and sitting in front of the 'Zona Zoo, the student section was screaming for the team, and just the atmosphere was crazier than any game I've ever been to.

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"To beat USC it just felt good. I know I made the right decision and I'm sticking with it. It was good to see Arizona beat USC."
The Ventura St. Bonaventure standout said he is not rethinking his decision one bit and this weekend only helped firm things up. The new coaching staff, the direction of the program and how Green views the future, he couldn't be more pleased with the Wildcats.
"I can't even describe in words how happy I am with the decision I made and how good the team is doing and the program and as a running back I'm excited," Green said.
"The amount of yards they put up and just how explosive they are and how many touchdowns they have per game it's just ridiculous.
"People might wonder why I made my decision as early as I did but now they understand why and understand why I love it there so much."
During the trip, Green got to do a little recruiting of his own with Dixon, one of the top West tight ends in the 2014 class. The three-star said Dixon was definitely responsive to the overtures and that seeing Arizona beat USC in person made an impression.
"He was there and his eyes were opening wide when they went up 10 and he was saying, "Is this happening right now?' Is Arizona really beating USC?'" Green said.
"He was saying how their offense is really explosive and I was telling him how he'd be a good fit in the system."